Light Vanilla Sponge Cake – Feathery light vanilla sponge cake ideal for simple cakes

Majestic Madeira Cake – A Rich Buttery sponge. A great base for stacked or novelty cakes.

Death by Chocolate – Made with the finest quality cocoa & Belgian chocolate, and if requested, an accompaniment of a rich chocolate fudge filling.

Tropical Coconut – An exotic tantilizer to the tastebuds using coconut cream.

Exotic Coconut & Lime – A twist to the above with a hint of citric sauciness.

Carrot Cake – For the indulgent and adventurous who enjoy a sumptuous feast with organic carrots.

NEW Hummingbird Cake – A southern American rich fruity bonanza of a cake with pecans, bananas and pineapples in a cream cheese filling. A unique, fusion of deliciousness with a hint of the tropical.

Other cake flavours include; boozy (or non-boozy)  fruit cake, infused stem ginger cake, lemon, chocolate or marble….If there are any other flavours you like, just ask. 

Fresh Fruit Gateau – Buttercream or Fresh Dairy Cream cakes filled and decorated with fruits of your choice.

Black Forest Gateau – with a dreamy filling and covering of Strawberries and or Cherries with buttercream or fresh cream & chocolate shavings.

Red or Blue Velvet Cake – Soft chocolate based sponge in a rich hue of red or blue.  Surprise your guests with this unusual coloured, tasty novel-looking cake, made to the original American recipe.

Dark or White Chocolate Ganache Cakes – Cakes/tortes drizzled with rich creamy chocolate.

We also cater for those with a special dietry requirements such as gluten-free, eggless and vegetarian options.

All cakes can come with a filling of your choice if desired.


US style Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese (marscapone) frosting.